Emergency Humanitarian Assistance is Now Open.

To our Al-Bireh Community,

On behalf of the Al-Bireh Society USA, along with other Palestinian cities organizations, would like to express our concern for the growing humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip. We are all steadfast in our commitment to peace in this region. We would like to demand a unilateral ceasefire in Gaza in order to allow humanitarian aid, medical supplies, food, water, and fuel to come in. As Palestinian Americans who pride themselves on our rich history from Al-Bireh, we are deeply concerned by our elected officials not standing up with one united voice to protect both Palestinian and Israeli citizens in this region. We want to encourage our members to be proud of their identity and keep elevating their voices for our beloved Palestine. We will not support a one-sided argument when there are egregious violations of humanitarian and international law that have withheld water, food, and shelter for a population of 2 million Palestinians living in Gaza. We demand a #CeasefireNow.

Our community would like to echo similar concerns that our other fellow Palestinian cities have voiced regarding the November 7th House Resolution 234-118 which censured Representative Rashida Tlaib, the only Palestinian American in Congress. We condemn the censure resolution against Representative Rashida Tlaib and we unapologetically stand united with her as she used her voice to stand for humanity. The passage of the censure resolution against Representative Tlaib is undoubtedly a stain on the history of the United States and Congress. Just as Nelson Mandela was labeled inappropriately for his staunch determination to end Apartheid in South Africa, so too will the world see Representative Tlaib’s actions as a badge of honor to provide a voice for the millions of Palestinians living under siege in Gaza. The attempts to silence a fellow Representative Tlaib provide more evidence of complicity in Israel’s grave crimes against humanity and violation of International laws in Gaza.

The current death toll afflicting our brothers and sisters in Gaza currently stands at 13,00 deaths, with 5,500 children and 4,578 women. Over 23,000 were permanently injured and over 1900 people including 940 children reported missing and or trapped in the rubble. We are deeply concerned about the escalating death toll and destruction in Gaza. We implore our US government and the global community to leverage its influence and power in support of a ceasefire, increased humanitarian aid for Gaza, and protection of a humanitarian corridor to provide aid for Gaza. We appeal to the collective humanity of the world to halt the devastating bombings of innocent civilians. In this effort we have opened an emergency humanitarian relief and would encourage our community to support this effort. https://bit.ly/ABS-Emergency. May compassion and urgency guide our collective actions toward a future of peace and healing for the people of Gaza. To donate please go to DONATE NOW. Please consider a monthly subscription due to the URGENT NEED for humanitarian Assistance.

In Solidarity,
The Al-Bireh Society Board Members