Passing of Al Bireh Bylaws!

Dear Fellow Al Bireh Members, 

We are pleased to announce that the Al Bireh ratified Bylaws on December 16, 2017.  The present board worked with an independant attorney from Charity Navigator to be able to streamline a document. This document was posted on our website. We annoounced the meeting two months prior to December 16, 2018 and asked member from our community step forward and assist the organization with issues stemming from the bylaws. Amendments we accepted online and in person at the meeting. We are speacially thankful for all the members that traveled from all accross the United States and made a solid effort to work on this integral document. The bylaws were ratified with a unanimous vote. Thank you to our members for your assistance and for your continued support for the Al Bireh Society. To view this document please log into You will find the document under ABOUT US. Thank you again!


Al Bireh Society Board